Our ttiny teacup yorkie babies are raised in our home with love and care, and receive age appropriate
vaccines and deworming on schedule.    We see our yorkies as blessed by God and nature   We want them
to make footprints on your heart as God makes footprints on our souls.  We raise quality puppies that can
sustain a client's love and fill their hearts and homes wilth joy.
We will act with social responsibility.   We will operate our business in a manner that will minimize
environmental impact
.   We will breed only quality adults and sell prime examples of the Yorkshire Terrier
breed, including tiny teacup yorkies and standard Yorkshire Terrier dogs and puppies

We raise our  tiny teacup yorkies and all our yorkshire terrier puppies as pets with full run of our home.  Our
yorkies are part of our family and are treated as such.  Our puppies are well socialized, healthy, and
beautiful.   We will pursue our course with passion, courage,  commitment and strive to provide blessings to
our customers by providing their heart's desire in quality yorkie puppies.

We have only AKC registered yorkie parents and sell their tiny teacup or standard Yorkshire Terrier puppies.
If we have a "pick of litter" puppy as a result of breeding services and that female was not AKC registered, we
may offer that yorkie puppy with the dam's registration.  We adhere to the guidelines and principles of the
respected American Kennel Club..  
Our Vision
Our Values
AKC Registration
Our dedicated purpose is to breed and raise strong, healthy, and beautiful tiny teacup yorkie puppies. Our fifteen
years experience helps us advise about grooming, training, and the health and well-being of your puppy.  If you
have a problem, contact us and we promise to help or find someone who can.  

We love Yorkies and their ingrained bravery and spunk and love to tell about them.  See our "Yorkie Tales" page to
learn about Smokey, a tiny teacup yorkie who served in WWII.  

I  am a grandmother hobby breeder living on a lake in Central East Texas.  The photo above shows the white cranes
that migrate to our lake each fall.  I love my life and my puppies and hope that you wil love them too.  
tiny yorkie blessings
Texas breeder sells tiny teacup puppies, tiny teaspoon yorkie puppies, and Yorkshire Terrier dogs and puppies
bred for quality, beauty, and health.
Texas breeder sells tiny teacup yorkie puppies and standard yorkie puppies.
We have many photos of previous puppies and parents.   To see them, click here.
To learn about yorkie bravery and spunk, click here to see our Yorkie Tales Page
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If you would like to purchase one of our puppies using PayPal, please contact us and we will facilitate
your purchase by sending a PayPal invoice that will make your payment easier.  PayPal now offers a
6 month payment plan that makes it easy to buy.  We heartily recommend them.   
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