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P. O. Box 1355, Trinity, Texas 75862
Our warranty covers replacement if puppy suffers fatal genetic defect within first year of life.  Full replacement if seen by vet within 48 hours of purchase and
vet documented fatal illness or defect described in writing by vet and return to seller of original puppy at buyer's expense. Seller does not guarantee coat
color/type, length, adult size, conformation, temperament, reproduction ability, or any trait that has to do with the outside/physical look of the puppy.  This
warranty is not transferable and is not valid if the puppy/dog is sold or given away.    Seller does not warrant against any vaccines or medications given to
puppy after it leaves Seller's care.  Seller is not responsible for any veterinarian bills the Buyer may incur.

Seller will deliver the puppy in a healthy and sound condition or advise Buyer of any minor defects or concerns.  If there are problems, Seller will inform Buyer
and Buyer has option of refusing puppy or accepting as is with instructions on recommended care.  Vaccination and de-worming records will accompany all
puppies sold.  Once puppy is shipped or picked up, the Buyer becomes responsible for the puppy.  In order to activate the warranty as described herein, the
Buyer must take the puppy to licensed veterinarian, at Buyer's expense, within 48 hours of receipt of puppy.  No proof of this exam is needed unless the puppy
is found to have a fatal heredity defect within the first year of the puppy's life, in which case proof of this initial exam must be presented.

If the veterinarian finds the puppy not fit for sale because of a life-threatening defect, Buyer has option of returning the puppy in the same manner it was
delivered at Buyer's expense.  This refund policy does not include shipping or other miscellaneous charges the Seller or Buyer paid.  All expenses concerning
the veterinarian exam and/or treatment and return of the puppy/dog are the responsibility of the Buyer.  This return policy does not include tracheal collapse,
open fontanel, hernias, or level 1-3 luxating patella and/or any condition that can be corrected over time or through a vet or can be caught/created at any
time.  These conditions are not life-threatening, and the affected puppy can live a fulfilling life.  If the Buyer chooses to return the puppy because of the above
listed conditions, only 50% of the purchase price less miscellaneous expenses will be refunded.

The refund/exchange policy also does not include hypoglycemia, which is caused by inadequate feeding methods and care.  Hypo-
glycemia is caused by the puppy expending more energy than it takes in and can be prevented by limiting puppy's expenditure of energy and assuring a
frequent and adequate intake of proper food.

If the Buyer complies with the immediate veterinarian's exam as set forth above, then the seller warrants the puppy until one year of age against any life
threatening congenital defects of heart, spine, lungs, kidneys, and liver.  If the puppy has a life threatening congenital defect as defined in writing by a licensed
veterinarian, accompanied by treatment options and prognosis, then Buyer has one year to choose a replacement puppy of equal or lesser value of the
original puppy.  If Buyer chooses a greater value puppy, then Buyer must pay difference.in price.  The original puppy must be returned to Seller at Buyer's
expense before a new puppy can be delivered.  Buyer will pay costs of sending the replacement puppy as well as miscellaneous fees incurred.  

In the event of death prior to the end of the puppy's first year of life caused by congenital defects, an autopsy must be performed by a licensed veterinarian at
Buyer's expenses within 7 days of death. If no autopsy is made within 7 days of puppy's death, there will be no replacement puppy and Buyer forfeits all
warranties.  If Buyer does not choose a replacement puppy within one year from the time the original puppy died or was proven to have a fatal congenital
defect, then Buyer will forfeit the replacement puppy.

This agreement constitutes the entire warranty, and Seller assumes no other liability.  The provisions of this warranty shall be interpreted and construed in
accordance with laws and statutes of Harris County, State of Texas.  The venue for any litigation concerning this warranty will be limited to Harris County, Texas
under a non-jury proceeding.